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The Zarathushtrian Way 

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Always Remember  
     Before embarking on the study of your own religion it is important to realize that there is beauty and wisdom in all religions. We must try to understand, respect and honour not only our own religion but other religions too. Remember that each religion and culture is to be celebrated. Encouraging and allowing each individual to practice their own religion and culture is to show unconditional love towards others. It is the best way to be true to yourself while allowing others to be true to themselves.

     Being true to our Zarathushti principals would mean being part of a society that allows, encourages and promotes religious diversity. When we achieve this, we achieve the highest form of society. It would mean we have grown from being a "tolerant" society into being a society that "celebrates religious diversity" --- a society without prejudice --- a society of Peace and Harmony. To understand our religious teachings is to understand Harmony in the Diversity of Religions. It is to understand that Kindness and Charity know no bounds. It is to understand that the practice of Truth, Justice and Love to all Humanity are essential to the peaceful and orderly functioning of all societies.

     We achieve this kind of compassion, peace and harmony when we direct our thoughts and love to Ahura Mazda. As we live our life by a religious code (i.e. moral code + spiritual code), virtuous emotions and desires arise within us and strengthen our soul's energy and power to make good things happen. It allows us to become better people and become part of a better society.

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