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About the Fun while You Learn Series
Color Me
The Colour Me Zarathushti "Fun while You Learn" series is designed as a tool to help teachers and parents educate Zarathushtrian children about their religion in a fun and creative way.

It is both a story book as well as a colouring book. The time spent on colouring will allow the child to interact with each picture and absorb the story behind it.

Religious and moral concepts are presented in a simple story like manner that cultivates the child's imagination sparking his or her curiosity for the mystical, the unknown and the unseen world of angelic entities, heaven, Yazads and Amesha Spentas.

It is designed to kindle a "spark of faith" and help children cultivate their imagination for the mystical side of nature. Thus, it relieves children from the heavy burden of memorizing without truly understanding.

This interactive series is meant to be vague and yet, interesting enough to encourage children to ask questions and want to learn more.
Teaching Religion
The first and foremost component of religion is faith and the belief in the existence of something that is greater than all things.
It is followed by devotion, love and the yearning to know more.
And finally, there develops a desire to put into practice the fundamentals of our faith.

Therefore, each book in this series focuses on at least
    a) one element of devotion and FAITH,
    b) one fundamental religious teaching and
    c) one element of practice or morals to be developed in our everyday life.
See the following table for an outline of the basic concepts introduced in each book of this series.
Each book includes a Teaching Guide, Story and Colouring section.
Colour Me Book 1.
Homi Hears: The Voice
Though we can never see Ahura Mazda, He is ever present in our lives.

We are always under His Protection, Love and Guidance.

If we believe in Him with all our heart, we can feel His ever loving presence.
Ahura Mazda is MINOTUM - The Unseen.
Ahura Mazda is VASNA -
The Ever Present / Omnipresent.
Ahura Mazda is GAR-A-GAR-GAR -- creator of all that is.

Athro Ahurahe Mazdao Puthra
means Atash is Ahura Mazda's Son.
Be a Good friend to Ahura Mazda by
1. Speaking the TRUTH
2. Helping Others
3. Protecting the Environment, the Earth and all its natural resources, air, water,plants and animals.
4. love all things and all people just as Ahura Mazda loves and cares for all creation.
Book 2 Book 2.
Homi Prays to:
The Divo
Atash is Ahura Mazda's very special gift to us. Talk to Atash through your prayers with a sincere heart. Atash is always listening to all our prayers. Atash delivers our prayers to Ahura Mazda and showers us with Ahura Mazda's blessings. Athro Ahurahe Mazdao Puthra is Ahura Mazda's son and is equally worthy of our worship as well as our love, our thoughts and our thanks. ATASH --Athro Ahurahe Mazdao Puthra-- is our LINK to Ahura Mazda.

It transmits our prayers to Ahura Mazda and brings Ahura Mazda's blessings to us.
Pray in front of Atash.
Always keep a Divo burning in our homes.
Book 3 Book 3.
Homi learns about:
When the soul of the earth cried out to Ahura Mazda for help, Ahura Mazda sent Prophet Asho (Holy) Zarathushtra as the savior of the earth and all humanity from the dark forces of evil. Whenever we pray to Asho Zarathushtra, he rushes to our aide. Whatever we pray to Ahura Mazda, reaches Asho Zarathushtra and vice-a-versa. Asho Zarathushtra performed many miracles. He conquered the dark forces and saved humans from Evil. He gave us our religion and taught us about Ahura Mazda.
Asho Zarathushtra was not an ordinary man. There was light shining out of his body, and the Gathas refer to him as a Yazad because he is a ray of Ahura Mazda's very own light!
Keep Asho Zarathushtra close to our hearts and thoughts. Pray to him for guidance in every thing you do. He will always point you down the right path.
We can please him by always wearing your sudreh kushti and following the religion he brought to us.

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