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The Zarathushtrian Way 

Giving Charities When it comes to charity, the left hand should not know what the right hand is giving. However, we are mentioning it here to create and awareness that the need for assistance is still there in many parts of our community. When you purchase any of the Humata Parsee Anjumaan publications, your hard earned money is being put to a very good charitable use. We want to keep you informed about where we use the proceeds of our publications so that you can share in the pleasure of giving and sharing along with the joy of learning.

In response to numerous pleas, Humata has helped sustain 16 Atash Padshahs (Consecrated Holy Fires in Fire Temples) in remote locations in India where the Parsee Population has declined. Since 2009, our contributions towards Kathi have helped keep those fires burning.

On the release of it's very first book, all costs were privately funded and 100% of the monies received were directly donated to the Kathi Funds of Pak Iranshah Atash Behram as well as Anjuman, Wadiaji and Banaji Atash Behrams, Rustom Framna Agiary in Dadar as well as the Agiaries of Cusrow Baug and Malcolm Baug.

We also try to contribute towards essential repairs to heritage buildings of Agiaries and Atash Behrams as some are hundreds of years old having been established by some of the first Parsees to India.

There are many pleas for financial assistance for some very impoverished members of our community. Humata, with your help has helped such members with financial aid as well as food and clothing.

Sound, religious education for the young and old alike is a high priority for The Humata Parsee Anjumaan. After years of very hard work, we are publishing a whole line of books for Zarathushtis of all ages. We are starting with our 3 part children's series for pre-navjote - ages 4 to 7. Then, we will publish a post Navjote text book to help parents and teachers educate our new generation with the essential fundamentals of our religion. Also in line to be published is an adult series for in depth study as well as a "self-help" book on spirituality and life. The list goes on.

All these good works could not have been accomplished without the sincere selfless dedication and hard work from a small but strong network of caring Parsees all over the world.
Khshnothra Ahurahe Mazdao
May these works bring happiness unto Ahura Mazda.

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