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Dynamics of Avestan Mantra
      Have you ever wondered why there are so many different translations for our Avestan prayers? There is so much devotion, yet, there are so many opinions and so much controversy. It is important to realize that the Avestan language is designed specifically to communicate with Divinity for the purpose of activating divine qualities, energies and thoughts within and around us. It is a sacred link between the two worlds - both the physical and non-physical. It stands to question then, how one can subject a language, laden with mystical formulae for invocation of energy fields beyond the limits of our five senses, to something as base as a grammatical translation. Avestan Manthra are not mere vibrations. They are mystical, magical active agents vibrating and operating throughout creation. So esteemed is their divine stature, that even when uttered by our base, imperfect tongues and minds, these mystical agents rush into action without compromising their own Divine Volition, Divine Thought and Divine Desire or "Will".

      Avestan manthra are by nature dynamic and versatile. They mould to the spiritual needs or spiritual level of each individual. The beauty being, you may not even realize what your own spiritual needs may be. Nor, do you need to know. These divine vibrations not only enlighten the subconscious and sublime elements, of and around you, but also at a basic level, they attach themselves to your thoughts and thought process, helping you on your way to realization.

      Regardless of your personal reason for reciting prayers, these manthras, have their own divine purpose and function. That function is to have a catalytic effect on each individual's personal growth and spiritual progress. Avestan mantras function as though they were Ahura's very own seeds - with all the power, energy, light and wisdom to create the entire universe and as well, set it free. Prayer has in it the ability to create the positive and dispel the negative; to create light from darkness; to kindle knowledge from ignorance. Just like Ahura Mazda, the Ameshaspends, and Yazads; Avestan prayer functions in the sublime and subtle worlds causing positive action and energy to occur in the material world. As such, one must realize that such prayer is as worthy of reverence as Ahura Mazda. Although prayer functions so potently and dynamically in the universe, it functions equally potently and dynamically for each individual. Just as your conscience guides your soul and just as your individual thoughts reach Ahura Mazda, so too does prayer, act as Ahura's own thoughts, Ahura's own words, attaching themselves to your subconscious. Molding themselves to your individual needs and gently propelling you onto the path of righteousness, truth and knowledge.

      The path of righteousness, truth and knowledge is filled with divine clarity and liberating knowledge, formed with singleness of devotion and thought. However, finding that path requires considerable growth and development. It requires developing the ability to sift through the clutter of distractions and recognize those elements which give you divine direction.

      Recital of your daily Avestan prayers, energize the subtle energies surrounding you and helps your subconscious mind to become increasingly aware of the ever-present divine direction which surrounds you every second of your life. Dynamics This subconscious direction comes quickly for some and slowly for others. This is because it customizes itself to your individual thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and desires. This may result in two people having a different understanding of right and wrong with respect to a given issue such as abortion or marriage. It may lead to a different understanding or translation of an Avestan prayer. The differences in understanding are indicators of each individual's spiritual progress. Although divine direction is ever present, you will absorb only what you are mentally and emotionally ready to assimilate, understand and accept. The process of assimilating divine knowledge is continuous and seemingly endless. Nevertheless, keeping your thoughts moving along this continuum is essential to your spiritual progress.

      To elaborate further, when you recite the mantra, whether in prayer or in an attempt to translate:

      If your spiritual growth requires you to first release negative thoughts and emotions, then such is the nature of the inspiration you will find, internally through emotion and thought, as well as in translation.

      If you require strength to overcome vices or fears, then strength and faith is what you will find internally, through emotion and thought, as well as in translation.

      If you require the cultivation of devotion then devotion is what you will find internally through emotion and thought, as well as in translation.

      If you are ready for higher knowledge and truth, then you will find only such knowledge as you can clearly assimilate through your own thought process. Such is the direction in which your emotions will move and such is the understanding you will have by way of translation.

      As you progress spiritually, your emotions, actions and thoughts will change. As well, the dynamics of the mantra will change to help you continue along the path of spiritual progress.

      Our Avestan prayers are alive with divine knowledge and positive energy forces which are capable of customizing themselves towards each individual's spiritual growth. Such is the divine knowledge and perfection found in our Avestan Prayers - such is the divine perfection of our Manthra Spenta.

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