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The Zarathushtrian Way 

Sudreh, Kushti and Individual Soul Advancement
      Now that we know that Sudreh and Kushti are Alats that receive and transmit divine currents within each individual, we can apply this knowledge to our 16 Chakhras / energy centers within our astral body or Kehrp.

The Chakhras       The Sudreh and Kushti energize the 16 Chakhras of our Kehrp, thereby enabling these plexi to move in the right direction and at the right speed. Therefore, the Sudreh and Kushti attract and pull in the positive forces in nature and block out or dispel the negative forces in nature.

      We can see this concept at work in nature too if we draw an analogy between the Sudreh and the earth's ozone layer. When the ozone layer was intact and healthy it allowed the beneficent rays of the sun to enter and be absorbed by the earth, all the while, blocking out the negative effects. But then, the human mind ravaged the planet with technical advances that created pollution and destruction of the very environment that we depend upon for our survival. Thus our collective thought, so full with greed, lead to the destruction of our environment and to the depletion of the earth's ozone layer. Due to this depletion, holes began to appear in the earth's atmosphere. Now, not only do we suffer the influx of the sun's harmful rays; but these unfiltered rays that have found their way in from tiny holes, have poisoned the entire natural balance. The resulting weather climate changes are threatening to destroy the world as we know it - ice caps will melt, floods will occur, fresh water supplies threatened and so on. The entire ecosystem is in disarray due to the negative influences in its atmosphere. The Sudreh functions similar to the earth's ozone layer. It filters out the negative energies that befall our bodies, but allows all the positive energy to filter through the cotton Sudreh to be absorbed into our bodies and the electromagnetic field around us. At the same time it helps all the subtle energies of our thoughts, words and deeds to be filtered and alchemized in the same way.

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