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Good and Evil       The Concept of Good and Evil

      What exactly do we mean when we say “Good” or “Evil”? What do we mean when we refer to the “Forces of Light or Darkness”? What do we mean when we speak of the “White side of Nature or the Dark Side of Nature”?

Good and Evil are like two opposing forces.

      The Good forces continuously pull you toward Ahura Mazda. They help you lead a righteous life and help you stay on the path of religion.

      Evil forces pull you in the other direction. They pull you away from the path that leads to Ahura Mazda.

      We feel these forces at play in our day to day lives too. For example, sometimes we are tempted to lie about something when we are afraid of getting into trouble for it. Sometimes we may want to cheat in order to get ahead. These are considered to be bad thoughts and deeds because they pull you away from the path of truth and righteousness. These feelings are the effects of the dark forces in nature. They make us worry about our own selfish desires, our own selfish needs. They make us think that it is more important to please ourselves instead of pleasing Ahura Mazda and fulfilling the purpose for which we have been created.

      On the other hand, the good forces in nature help us maintain a moral code in our life. When we practice our religion and when we regularly perform our Kushti prayers, it gives us spiritual strength to stay on a righteous path. But what is equally important, is that practicing our religion helps us realize the negative forces of our own egos. It helps us realize that there is a greater purpose to life than pleasing our egos / our own self esteem or our own wants and desires.

      The Good forces in nature help us see through and through the many masks of ego. They help us move toward Ahura Mazda. They help us realize the truths of our existence.
Good and Evil


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