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What is an ATASH Padshah?
Forest       So far we have discussed how Atash is the manifestation of Ahura Mazda's Divine Energy. We learnt that "ATHRO AHURAHE MAZDAO PUTHRA" is the first spark of Ahura's Divine Atash. We have learnt that Yazadic Energies flow from this first source of Ahura's infinite energy and manifest themselves into all of creation. We have learnt how these energies are constantly "working" in every particle, every atom, and every molecule. They are "working" or endeavouring to establish Ahura's law of Righteousness in every spec of nature. All our Atash Padshah's are consciously "working" to establish Ahura Mazda's Law and Order.

      When you last visited an Atash Behram or Aderan, did you feel like you knelt before a living conscious entity? Well that's what you did. That is why some people's eyes are filled with tears and are hearts filled with devotion when they kneel before this living entity we call Atash Padshah.

      The fires burning in our places of worship are not like regular fires we see every day. Any type of fire is a manifestation of Divine Energy. Although all fires look the same to our eyes, they are spiritually different. The difference lies in Ahura Mazda's unseen Divine Energy within. In an ordinary fire, the divine energy is in a lower dormant level. In the Dadgahs, Aderans and Atash Behrams, the Divine Energy within them has been brought up to higher levels.

The fires we worship are consecrated and are of three grades as per their spiritual status.


That is, the unseen Divine Energy within an Atash Dadgah is raised to a high level.


In an Atash Aderan it is raised to a higher lever and


In an Atash Behram it is raised to the highest level.

      The consecration of an Atash Padshah involves a multitude of religious ceremonies performed on 16 earthly fires. These ceremonies or Kriya, not only remove all the pollution and putridity from the fire, they powerfully charge the subtle and divine currents within it. These spiritual currents connect the consecrated fire with the divine fire energies operating in the spiritual realms.

      Thus, an Atash Padshah which is consecrated according to the teachings of Asho Zarathushtra is an ALAT. That means it is a receiving and transmitting station between us on the Earth and all the Divine forces in the Heavens and the universe. ALAT it the term used for a receiving and transmitting station between heaven and earth.

      The consecration of the Holy Padshah is a spiritual, mystical, sacred and an esoteric exercise. It is a difficult process of physical purification and a multitude of other spiritual purifications. To maintain this Alat, the Boi Kriya must be performed five times a day. This can only be done by Mobeds who have to follow strenuous religious disciplines in their personal life.

      Once the Atash becomes a Padshah (a Sovereign / King), it is ENTHRONED in a consecrated room called a Kebla. In fact, the entire building that houses the ATASH Padshah is purified and powerfully charged with subtle and divine energy currents. Now the Atash Padshah is a living thriving entity. It now has an exalted YAZADIC nature and thus he becomes a Sovereign. Hence the title "Padshah" is given to him for now he possesses Divine Righteous Power and Authority. He is also a RATHESHTAR or spiritual warrior for he is ceaselessly fighting the constant attacks of the dark forces. He is HUTOKSH or spiritual farmer helping cultivate righteousness on this earth. He is connected to the breath of the Yazatas and in his conscience, resides Sraosh Yazad.

      So we can see that the whole process of consecration of an Atash Padshah is intended to generate a divine field, a spiritual force and circuits of sacred energies, which have a certain divine task to perform.

      These tasks have many phases:


The foremost is to fight the physical and mental pollutions caused by us humans. The Atash Padshah requires strength and energy to execute his task. This in turn requires the strict observance of spiritual rules which are intended to keep negative forces away from His Kebla, as well as the building that houses him and its surroundings. Mobeds have to observe strict rules of purity and the rest of the community has to help them in doing so.


The second task of the Padshah is to be a spiritual guide to every member of the community. He is the lord of our community.


Thirdly, the Atash Padshah is the Lord of our Karma. That means he is in charge of our personal destiny. When we present ourselves to Him, He sees us through and through. He knows our inner most thoughts. All our deeds and words are before his eyes.

An Atash Padshah helps Zarathushtrian souls in their spiritual advancement and helps them attune with Sraosh Yazad and the divine energies in the spiritual world as well as in the entire cosmos.

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