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The Zarathushtrian Way 

Individual Spiritual Alchemy
There is much happening today that is "questionable" in light of our religion and community. However, before we look outward at other people's deeds we should turn our focus inward --- as there is more work there (within ourselves) than we can hope to complete in this one life time.

Spiritual Alchemy What are we to focus on??

Individual spiritual alchemy is the fundamental thought behind the Zarathushtrian way of life, customs, prayers and Kriya.

That means we must endeavour to "evolve"! Not from apes into humans but rather from darkness into light. The entire universe is on the same course. Solar systems Galaxies, Stars are all moving towards one of two final outcomes - black holes or collision with another star (i.e. Big Bang).

Saintly people have an aura of light around them. That's because they are moving towards their own individual spiritual alchemy. This process of alchemy requires us to convert or "evolve" our 4 basic elements (fire, air, water, earth) into light.

Earth has already gone through 3 of these evolutions and dissolutions. And, along with her so too have each of our souls evolved.

Spiritual Alchemy As a result of these evolutions which have been complete, we have attained our divine and subtle etheric elements. Now finally, we are left with our Body. For that we are all currently undergoing the evolution of matter (earth) into light.

Each of us have an aura - an electro-magnetic field. However, unless we are saintly, our aura cannot be detected by our normal sight. It does not shine like a light or halo. However, we can convert this base human electro-magnetic field into blessed holy light. How? We can accomplish this spiritual alchemy with the right knowledge and right practice. Both are made available to us in our very own Religion.

Individual spiritual alchemy is the fundamental thought behind Zarathushtrian way of life, customs, prayers and Kriya. Science as we know it is still in an infantile stage. Understand the science that is in your religion. [Look for related information under Sudreh and Kusti and other topics]

Practice of the fundamentals of your religion and alchemise yourself into light. The Black hole eagerly awaits!! Let it wait .... until it too is alchemised into light! Ashem!

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