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The Zarathushtrian Way 

A Prescription for Ailing Times
What are we to do in times such as these? In times when it would appear that we are loosing all those institutions which kept our religious practice strong and our community plentiful. A time when it appears that we are loosing that which kept our families and loved ones safe within the robust mass of energy of our culture. What are we to do when witnessing yet another family member, yet another loved one, abandon our faith and leave our community? What are we to do when faced with the barrage of issues caused by this shrinkage in our community?

Rose In dealing with these issues, there is a strong tendency to proceed in a direction that will sweep us into the abyss of helplessness, anger, hurt and pride. But, this would only lead us further down the path of disharmony and unrest.

There is, however, a higher road, the road of introspection and enquiry. The first question on this fearless road of enquiry being - What is a devout person to do?! Whatever the circumstance, there is a clear, definitive and Divine Solution.

We find this solution when we learn what to attach ourselves to and what not to attach ourselves to.

Attachment and emotion are positive, spiritually propelling tools only when we attach ourselves to those things which are worthy of attachment.

Attachment and emotion are negative, draining and spiritually regressive mechanisms when we attach ourselves to that which is unworthy of attachment.

When we determine worthiness, we determine direction. Use worthiness as a compass. It will always point our thoughts, and hence emotions and attachments, onto the correct path -- the path of spiritual progress.

Determine the worthiness of every thought and every action; therein discover the answer to every question.

When a fruit falls from a tree, only to be ravaged by the consuming world, remember the fruit has not been lost in vain. It is merely serving a different purpose. And so, some fruits will be "lost", while others will grow into a fruit tree forest. Let nature decide. Just as a tree clings not to its fruit, but rather, to its natural function, its divine function; so too, must we learn to distinguish what is worthy of attachment and apply ourselves accordingly. Cleanse the thoughts with prayer and begin enquiring.

Mountain To journey upon the path of spiritual progress, there is first the need to acknowledge divinity, divine order and divine wisdom -- all of these are worthy of attachment. Turning away from the "outstretched hand" of religious institutions, spiritual guides, prayers and rituals will slow one's progress and may lead one astray. Accepting the help of this "outstretched hand" will accelerate one's progress. Religious institutions, customs, rituals, prayers are all catalysts for spiritual advancement - all of these are worthy of attachment. Purity of thought is not only the key, but it is also the means and the desired outcome of our efforts. It too is worthy of attachment.

Learn to enjoy and love all that enters your life. Learn to identify those things in life which inspire faith, those things which propel our thoughts and actions towards a virtuous life, those things which are eternal truths. Realize that fear and doubts are negative forces. Recognize that we have a divine responsibility to do our best. Develop the faith in Divine Wisdom and accept that Ahura Mazda is doing what is best. With such wisdom, endeavour to attach yourself only to that which is worthy, that which brings you and keeps you on the path of spiritual progression.

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